Woo Services


tarot is a divination system used by mystics and clairvoyants, and can be very woo. it is also a very carefully crafted story of our life taught through archetypes that resonate with each of us. a tarot reading can answer questions, give guidance, or help you plot out a new adventure in your life. tarot reading are done via email with a 48 hour turn-around time.


intuitive readings can give you insight and information that you need to make the next leap in your evolution. this is a one-to-one face-to-face (either in person or virtual) meeting of our spirits, and i listen very carefully to your guides and your higher self and we discuss the things i receive. intuitive readings are done in the spirit of compassion, love, and good news guidance.


life coaching, personal guidance, and lay therapy are all the rage now. however, since i do not believe that anyone is broken, i like to call this process ‘refining’ rather than coaching. you are already exactly where you need to be to make the leap to whatever is next for you. together we talk through the imagined issues, make a plan, and work together to create a safe space for you to answer the call of your heart. refining sessions are face-to-face either in person or virtually.

CAUTION: New Year Ahead

Many people are exclaiming their delight that the annus horribilus of 2016 will soon be over. “Thank God it is December! Only a few more weeks of this heinous year!” We spend so much energy waiting for something to be “over” that we miss what... read more

Bishop Diane

I experienced something wonderful yesterday at St. Luke’s. As I’ve explained before, I attend an Episcopal church every Sunday for the sole purpose of singing (and I was thrilled to sing two of my favorite pieces yesterday). Yesterday, the Bishop came to... read more

Thanksgiving Wishes

My wishes for you today: 1. That you may feel the love others have for you. 2. That you may share your love openly and bravely. 3. That you may laugh deep-belly teary-eyed. 4. That you may be well fed, not only with food but with music, stories, hugs, and loved ones.... read more


1. Simplify your Thanksgiving, and teach the correct history behind it. Leave out the Pilgrims and the Indian bullshit and just teach about gratitude. 2. Watch Doctor Who. It’s amazing how the right words, the right courage, and the right amount of heart can fix... read more

After the Election (again)

Am I still angry? Youbetcha. Am I doing better? Yup. So, how am I feeling? Like a very privileged white woman who is trying to navigate the delicacies of doing what is right for all people without leaking my privilege all over like some pumpkin-spice goo. This is new... read more

After the Election (the mourning after)

I’ve started a post about 6 times this morning. Words fail me. I’m angry and sad and scared… and yet…and yet, I know we will rise. I don’t know if the daybreak is wondrously clear this morning, but it is a new day. A day in which we all... read more


I am alone. Beached. Suffocating under the weight of my feelings. It is only within myself that I can find comfort… so I weep and keen into the waves of grief the deep bone sadness I am tired tired in my cells tired of the pain this human shell brings tired of... read more