Trainings and  Courses

The sacredness of these ceremonies and processes cannot be over emphasised. In these short trainings and courses, we will go over the way to honor and respect all medicines and walk in Right Way.

How to Sit with Hapé

In this one hour pre-recorded course, I will discuss the history and use of hapé in shamanic ceremonies, as well as how sitting in sacred ceremony with this medicine can help you develop a closer connection to Creator. I will show you how to administer hapé to yourself. I will discuss how to create a ceremonial space, building an altar, giving respect to Grandfather Fire, and more.


  • Some hapé for you to sit with at home
  • A kuripe, or personal serving tool
  • A quiet space for ceremony
  • A candle, and sage for smudging
  • If you have never sat with hapé before, it is strongly recommended that someone be present with you.
  • A quick email exchange between us for deeper information, and links to where you can purchase hapé and a kuripe.

Recommend Contribution: $35

How to Sit with Tobacco in a Good Way

In this one-hour pre-recorded training, I will discuss the sacredness of tobacco, and how to shift your relationship with this medicine from addiction to honoring and respecting. We will discuss the mindfulness of smoking, and how to pray with tobacco in a sacred prayer smoke in cornhusks.


  • Organic loose leaf tobacco (Native Spirit is good)
  • Dried corn husks (available wherever tamale making supplies are sold)
  • A quiet place where you can pray.
  • A candle, and sage for smudging
  • A quick email exchange between us for deeper information and connection


Recommended Contribution: $35

How to Sit with Cannabis in a Sacred Way

Cannabis has long been used by the Indigenous to develop deeper spiritual connection and to commune with the spirits and guides from the other side. In this video course, you will learn how to sit with cannabis (or Santa Maria, as she is called in South America) in a spiritual manner, giving honor and respect to this beautiful plant medicine.

You will be taught how to bless and honor this medicine, and learn how to sit in ceremony with Grandmother Cannabis.


  • A quiet space for ceremony
  • Some good quality cannabis flower (a hybrid is recommended)
  • A pipe (preferred over a joint or bong)
  • A quick email exchange between us for deeper information

Recommended Contribution: $45

How to Use the Breath for Emotional Regulation

The breath which sustains life can also be an emotional and healing medicine. Continued, sustained breathing over the course of 30-45 minutes can bring up emotions, memories, and pain to be released and healed.

Breathing requires no special equipment or preparation. In this video, I will show you how to create a personal ceremony around breathing, and how this can lead to faster and deeper well-being.


  • A quiet space where you can lie down and not be interrupted for an hour
  • A candle, and sage for smudging
  • A quick email exhange between us for deeper information.

Recommended Contribution: $35