1. Simplify your Thanksgiving, and teach the correct history behind it. Leave out the Pilgrims and the Indian bullshit and just teach about gratitude.
2. Watch Doctor Who. It’s amazing how the right words, the right courage, and the right amount of heart can fix most situations. (I would also suggest Gilmore Girls, The Crown, and/or anything else that gives your mind a break)
3. Meditate. 10 minutes a day makes so much difference. My recommendation: Headspace
4. Love on the animals. My Goldendoodle has been so affectionate and close. They are medicine. Let them heal you.
5. There is a balance between being informed and remaining sane. Everyone finds their own way. Allow that.
6. Journal: This has made the biggest difference for me. I barf into my own personal book, purging the anger, sadness, and fear. BTW, I’m still doing this every. damn. day.
7. Music. Fill your ears, your heart, and your soul with music that lifts you. Not just entertains, but lifts and makes your spirits soar.
8. Prayer (however that looks): Sometimes just uttering “peace on earth” is the most powerful prayer there is.
9. Chocolate chip pancakes. Well, it worked for us tonight.
10. My final solution is to ignore all of this and find what works for you, and allow what works for others to be okay. Love yourself gently. Feel all the feelings. Or not. Your choice.