intuitive guidance

We all have the gift of intuition, but as any gifted intuitive will tell you, it’s really, REALLY hard to get guidance about yourself. I mean, your ego, your desires, your programming all seem to jostle to be first toget in the way of your intution.

Talking to someone who understands divine intuition and uses it on a regular basis can bring you peace, comfort, information, and guidance.

what to expect

Look at the picture to the right. If you Google “intuition” in their images, there are all kinds of these weird cosmic pictures of nebulas exploding out of your head, and aliens leaving your body.

Honey, that ain’t what intuition is or how it works.

Basically, we sit together (live or over Skype or Zoom) and we chat. With permission, I tune in to your energy. I listen to your guides, because they are just using me as a loud speaker system. We talk some more. You ask questions. I ask questions. Eventually, answers and clarity emerge.

It is that simple and that complicated.

And it is beautiful.