shamanic energy work

The human energy field is so much larger than we realize. As we walk through life, experiencing even the most normal ups and downs, our energy field can become unbalanced, and energetic debris you collect from other sources can accumulate. Those other sources of energetic debris can come from people, situations, systems, and emotional upsets, and can cause discomfort and even disease in the body.

A Shamanic energy session can assist in rebalancing and clearing out your energy field. The results can be simply deep relaxation, or significant changes in your life for the better.

As we clear your luminous energy field, we will both be guided by my spirit guides connecting with your spirit guides (our divine teams), and working together to clear, energize, and balance your personal energy field.

The typical Shamanic energy session takes an average of 50 minutes and is an extremely gentle process.

You will need to have a quiet place where you will not be interrupted during our time together. You will need a computer, tablet, or a telephone with Zoom installed.



what to expect

How a Shamanic Energy Session Works

For me, each session is a sacred ceremony. Before we even meet one another face to face, I have cleared and blessed my space and created an altar with a burning candle to represent Spirit. 

With your permission we call in your guides to assist you in clearing, soothing, refreshing your energy field. You and I will work together to create the perfect intention for this ceremony, related to your emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual well-being.

All you have to do it lie back, relax, and listen to the music in a receptive state.

When the session is complete, we will talk some more. You ask questions. I ask questions. Eventually, answers and clarity emerge.

It is that simple and that complicated.

And it is beautiful.