The typical Guided Energy Alignment takes an average 40-60 minutes and is an extremly gentle process.

You will need to have a quiet place where you will not be interrupted during our time together. You will need a computer, tablet, or a telephone with Zoom installed.


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I am currently enrolled in The Shamanic Academy and am completing my apprenticeship in Guided Energy Medicine. As I am a student, the sessions are currently free of charge.



guided energy alignment

The human energy field is so much larger than we believe. As we walk through life, experiencing even the most normal ups and downs, our energy field can become unbalanced, and energetic debris you collect from other sources can accumulate. Those other sources of energetic debris can come from people, situations, systems, and emotional upsets, and can cause discomfort and even disease in the body.

A Guided Energy Alignment can assist in rebalancing and clearing out your energy field. The results can be simply deep relaxation, or significant changes in your life for the better.

The “guided” part of this guided energy alignment comes from my spirit guides connecting with your spirit guides, and working together to clear, energize, and balance your personal energy field.

what to expect

Look at the picture to the right. If you Google “intuition” in their images, there are all kinds of these weird cosmic pictures of nebulas exploding out of your head, and aliens leaving your body.

Honey, that ain’t what intuition is or how it works.

Basically, we sit together (live or over Zoom). We begin in conversation. I will explain what is going to happen during you alignment session, and you will tell me what it is you want and need in your current situation. We will then create the perfect intentions for this aligning session.

Then, with your permission, I tune in to your energy. I listen to our mutual guides, because they are just using me as a loud speaker system.

All you have to do it lie back, relax, and listen to the music in a receptive state.

When the alignment is complete, we will talk some more. You ask questions. I ask questions. Eventually, answers and clarity emerge.

It is that simple and that complicated.

And it is beautiful.