Sacred Ceremony


From the very beginning of life on this planet, humans have gathered together in circles to call in the Divine, create positive changes, and to accelerate healing. Now, more than ever, we need to rekindle these circles and come together for peace and healing.


Sacred Cannabis Ceremony

Change your relationship with this sacred medicine through a divinely inspired ceremony. Cannabis, also known as “Santa Maria,” has been honored as a sacred medicine by the indigenous on several continents. This loving, gentle, and maternal medicine can assist you in uncovering who you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Further details can be found here.


Sacred Hapé Ceremony

Hapé is a powerful medicine that can help you let go of bad energies and past traumas and, more generally, it helps you hit a spiritual “reset button” in your life that detoxes you physically and emotionally. Like all sacred medicines, hapé works through intention. 

Hapé is a shamanic snuff made from the sacred mapacho tobacco and other natural plant ingredients. Each tribe in the Amazon has their own blends and each Shaman or Medicine Person blesses the creation of each snuff from planting, to harvest, to creating the medicine.

A hapé ceremony offers you a unique opportunity to reconnect with your higher self and tap into an inner well of energy, peace, and connection.  Whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental healing you’re looking for, your intention is further strengthened by the energy of the divine connection you share with a second person serving the hapé, if you choose to enlist help. No matter if you choose to do it alone or with help, a hapé ceremony should be treated with respect. It’s only by giving the sacred medicine the reverence and attention it deserves that you can gain the most value and insight from the experience.

For Online Zoom Hapé Ceremonies:

You will need to purchase the Hapé snuff and also a kuripe (a personal hapé serving device.)

I have purchased hapé from the following sites:

Sacred Breath Ceremony

Our breath is literally the key to living. Humans breath unconsciously all the time, it’s what keeps us alive. However, a conscious breath, or connected breath can connect us to another state of being, one wherein miracles can happen, trauma can be released, and powerful intentions can come to pass.

We will begin with sage smudging and a circle where we give our intention for the breath. Please bring 2 blankets to lie on (sleeping bags work very well) and bring 2 pillows.

There will be an opening circle where we make our intentions, and the details will be explained. After intentions are spoken to the fire,  we lie down and begin the sacred breath ceremony.

While you are breathing, we will be working with the drum, rattles, music, feathers, and sage/copal/cedar to assist you with your journey.

It is a very beautiful and powerful experience. Some people have very powerful emotions come up and some have more peaceful experiences. Whatever your experience you we hold space for that and help in the journey.

If you would like to talk to me about ceremony, or if you’d like to schedule one, please feel free to reach out through my contact form.