Many people are exclaiming their delight that the annus horribilus of 2016 will soon be over. “Thank God it is December! Only a few more weeks of this heinous year!”

We spend so much energy waiting for something to be “over” that we miss what is really happening. And think about it, how many of us have stood at the stroke of midnight on December 31st and said, “Damn, a good time was had by all!”? One year is filled with just a zillion moments, and if you try to add them all up at the end and come up with a “final grade” what are you going to remember? Well, the shitty things, of course.

In my world I cannot remember the last time I looked back on a year and said, “Wow, that was AMAZING!” Because not everything is. Not ever. It’s always that pendulum swinging back and forth between “fucking brilliant!” and “I want to die”, with all the tiny increments in between the apices.

I don’t even want to go into what 2015 looked like for me. The Year that Shall Never be Named Again. Strike it from the books, erase the tape, clear the cache. Yet I still held on to hope that “next year will be better.”

2016 was a bitch of a year for me and everyone on the planet. In January I had a massive nervous breakdown. I had to endure weeks of continual panic attacks, depression, and outright craziness. Then, the whole world had to experience the giant clusterfuck of the election, and the energies of hatred, fear, and all-the-phobias that came whizzing out of that circus. The end of 2016 reminds us that in January we’ll inaugurate one of the most insane people on the planet to be Evil Supreme Leader of the Former United States.

Remind me again why you’re looking forward to 2017?

Our lives unfold in moments. All we ever have is a moment, the present, the thing that is happening right this very second. Focus on that.

Focus on your heart beating in your breast beneath the safe protection of your ribs.

Focus on your breath; the rising, the falling… the death and rebirth.

Focus on the small important things; the children, the flowers, the animals, the music, the laughter.

Focus on the muscles that pull your mouth into your smile. Focus on the way snow feels when it touches your cheeks. Focus on the aches in your body that are saintly reminders to shift, stretch, change.

Focus on that one moment. The one that sent your heart racing, the one that made you cry, the one that ripped your soul in two for the beauty, and the one that ripped your soul to shreds for the pain. It’s all we have. That one sacred moment. Then the next. And the next.

This is nothing new. We all know this thing. This is not new information.

It is just a reminder to me from me to my soul from my soul to you and your soul.