I’ve started a post about 6 times this morning. Words fail me.

I’m angry and sad and scared… and yet…and yet, I know we will rise.
I don’t know if the daybreak is wondrously clear this morning, but it is a new day. A day in which we all must rise to our best selves. To shine the light of love and compassion. To speak against hatred and discrimination, misogyny and fear. This is the time to rise.

This is the time to speak freely about our beliefs, our hopes, and our dreams for unity, equality, open-heartedness, and peace.

This is the time to come together in community, embrace one another, soothe fears and say the words, “I am here for you.”

This is the time to find peace within, and to lovingly take the hands of others who don’t know where or how to find it, and say, “Come with me, we’ll find it together.”

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.