my words are the soft spaces beneath my breasts where I am most vulnerable. my truths are just my truths. my reality is my own construct. like the moment I inhale before singing a warm tone, there is pause in publishing anything. so here are the words; unapologetic, raw, error-filled, and human.

writing is therapy. it is vital to let the crazy out and the light in. words aren’t always pretty, or right, or comfortable, but they are mine. i claim them. i own them.


need a website? come to me, and together we will create a plan that captures your vision and empowers your internet presence.

many of my clients come to me out of frustration because their web guru abandoned them in their hour of need. I don’t go anywhere; I am here; we’ll get it done.

Editing and Academic Writing Assistance

you’re a grad student and the clock is ticking… it’s thesis time. focus on writing your paper well, and let me do the formatting and editing. it is really that easy.
affordable assistance is yours. I offer formatting services as well as full-on editing services for any kind of academic paper.


woo is just another name for my ever-rambling and morphing spirituality. it can look like my new practice of tarot, or my years of experience in intuitive readings. i’ve lived enough life, i am a good port in a storm if you need some coaching or feedback on your situation. this is where the sacred meets my reality and often the two are fighting. kind of like a bad soap opera, with prayer and candles.