Lianne Bremer

walking a mystical path with practical feet

intuitive guidance

devoted space holding

energy work

permission giving 

sacred ceremony

healthy doses of laughter

Sacred Cannabis Ceremony

Saturday, July 23rd  7:00 p.m. 

Come sit and commune with beautiful Grandmother Cannabis, and enjoy the peaceful, soothing guidance she brings. 

A Place of Rest ℘ A Place of Safety

Come, let us sit together and unburden ourselves.

Let us speak of light and sing in laughter.

Sacred Ceremony

Our Ancestors understood the spiritual importance of ritual and sacred ceremony. As portals for accelerated healing, divine connection, and pure energy from Spirit, sacred ceremonies can affect change in all aspects of our being very rapidly. Lianne currently offers three different ceremonies: Cannabis, Hapé, and Breath.

Intuitive Guidance

There are few things more difficult than making personal change. Yet, that is our purpose: to learn, grow, fall down, get up, rinse and repeat. Sometimes you need assistance along the way, because clarity in our personal lives is often the most difficult to discern. Intuitive Guidance taps into your guides, and clarity and discernment comes.

Guided Energy Alignment

Imagine just lying down and listening to beautiful music, while your guides create miracles in your energy field. After making clear intentions for this session, we go into prayer, and with permission we allow your guides to align your energy for your highest and best good. These energy alignments are currently being offered free of charge.